Monday, November 17, 2014

Lots of Growing Experiences!

So this week was just a good week with a lot of learning and growing experiences.

On wednesday we had our Zone Meeting. It was an awesome meeting and we had some good discussions. One major topic that we discussed was building unity in the zone. Everyone in the zone participated and was actively involved in the discussion. That was nice because then it wasn't just me and Elder Mkutswana standing and talking the whole time. We also made a cool program for the meeting. I will attach the program so you can see our creativity skills!

We spent each day teaching a lot of the people we found last week. We have soo many awesome people that are now progressing towards baptism. Currently we are planning 5 baptisms on the 30th of Nov which is super exciting.

We have been teaching the family of Kenneth and Betty. They are school teachers and are the ones who walked into the church last week. They are soo eager to learn the gospel that sometimes they want to learn everything all at once, which is impossible. It is kinda a problem but it is a good problem. They are a fun family to teach.

On Saturday we did exchanges in Bugembe. I worked with Elders Allred and Erau. Elder Erau is a Ugandan and he is among the group of missionaries who came from Sierra Leone when that mission was closed from the Ebola stuff. When the Sierra Leone and Liberia missions were closed all of the missionaries went back to their own countries. Elder Erau is awesome! He was fun to work with and we had a good day working there in Bugembe.

Church yesterday was awesome!!!!! At the beginning we thought there would be no one there. Then during the course of Sacrament Meeting there ended up being 95 people, which is more than the number of chairs we had! So we were scrambling around trying to find more chairs. We ended up with 10 investigators and also there were a few new people that just showed up for the first time that we now have to teach. Yay!!!!

Today we did a combined zone activity with Jinja Zone. We went to a place called 'The Source Of The Nile'. It is a small park that is at the place were the River Nile begins from Lake Victoria. It starts from Lake Victoria in Jinja, then travels 4000 miles going through Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan, and Egypt where it reaches the Mediterranean Sea. So that was pretty cool!!! It was a nice touristy place. There were also a ton of tour boats there and even some nice boats for playing. That made me miss home a ton!! Just being next to water and seeing boats everywhere. They also had a reptile park that had some snakes and turtles and crocodiles, so we went there to look around. As we were walking around we found two donkeys sitting there! We took advantage of the donkeys and would go and sit on them and take pictures. Then as me and Elder Halladay were sitting on them we started to race. Haha it was soo fun! Today I raced a donkey. That's something I will probably never do again.

Congrats Sarah for 3rd place in State Volleyball.

I am tired and hungry. So that is all my brain can handle for now. I love you all!!
Quote from President Chatfield, "Even a blind squirrel finds a nut." (said with his thick southern states/Utah/cowboy accent and while talking about finding new investigators. But you can apply to any situation)

Elder LeCheminafrica

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