Monday, October 14, 2013


So today is officially start of transfer #4. I'm pretty sure Elder Buyers and I are going to stay together this transfer so there will probably be no changes. But we don't find out until tomorrow. 
This past week went very well. We worked hard everyday. Wednesday was Uganda's Independence Day. Uganda has now been independent for 51 years. Last year was the 50th. The holiday pretty much ruined missionary work for the day. We were only able to see a couple of recent converts. The rest of the day we just spent at the church playing volleyball and watching some movies (they were church movies, don't worry). It was fun. I hadn't played volleyball for like three months. It was nice to play again. We also didn't have running water for three days. There was something wrong with the pipes at the central pumping station that pumps water for the whole town. So all of Lira had no running water for a few days. That was fun. Not really. 

Today for p-day was amazing! We went to a place called Chobe. It is a lodge that is inside a wildlife reserve. On the way here we saw tons of giraffes, water buffalo, warthogs, and a few monkeys, and some kind of deer. Then we got to the lodge. Holy cow it is nice. This place is a 5 star lodge that overlooks the Nile river. It is so beautiful and gorgeous. There are tons of hippos just chilling in the water and giraffes outside. The lodge is super fancy and has amazing food. We have  been out here all day. They have computers here so I am emailing at this lodge. It is an incredible place that would be really great for like a family vacation or something like that (wink wink). I cant send pictures today because I don't have an adapter so I will send them next week. But you can go to the website to see. It is I have tons of amazing pictures and videos of all the animals. There is an airstrip for the lodge and you can fly here directly from the Entebbe International Airport in Kampala. Everything here is so gorgeous and peacefull. I want everyone to be able to come and see it!!! 

So that was today. I don't really have much else to talk about this week. On Saturday I had some of the young men from the branch come and wash my clothes. We dont have a washing machine here in Adyel. So I was washing clothes by hand every week. That pretty much sucks. It takes sooo long! I would do most of it on Mondays then the rest at night during the week. Its not very fun. So I decided to pay some of the guys from the Branch. I gave them 5000 shillings to wash everything for me. Thats basically 2 US dollars. It was worth it. 

So that was the week. We are going to leave Chobe in about an hour. We have to change a flat tire on our truck and watch the sunset first. I am excited. It is going to make great pics that I will send next week!

Yay for Galena and her family. Its always exciting to see someone follow the example of Jesus Christ and get baptized. That is the first step towards eternal life. I love when people get baptized. 

Congrats to Palmer football and volleyball. And good luck to those in the Play at the school. I remember those days. It was sooo long ago! Back when I was in high school! Hahahahaha. Just make sure no one forgets how good I was in all of my plays and shtuff. Kidding. I was pretty bad. I don't know why Mr Harris kept letting me in. :)

Love Elder Chem

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