Monday, October 21, 2013


This week went pretty good. My transfer prediction was correct. Me and Elder Buyers are still together. Elder Mgijima is now a Zone Leader here in the Lira Zone. Its pretty awesome to have him around again. He is a really fun guy and a great missionary. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. On Saturday we had a baptism. It was a young girl called Fiona. She is the daughter to Bruno who we baptized like 3 or 4 weeks ago. Now we are working with the wife to Bruno. She was going to be baptized with Fiona but hasnt been coming to church. The baptism went very well and Bruno even baptized her. He was very nervous and hesitant about doing it because he didn't want to mess up and ruin his daughters baptism. But we kept encouraging him and built his confidence. And then he did it perfect the first time! So the baptism went great. 

We had another family that we found. The parents are Bosco and Cecilia. They are a really awesome family. After coming to church both of them expressed the desire to officially be a part of this church and be baptized. They both said they felt that other churches they have been to talk about Christ but this church seems like it is actually led by Christ. I was soo surprised when they said that. It was awesome and made me sooo happy. They are going to be baptized closer to the end of November. I love it when people accept the gospel so easily!! 

Yesterday after church we went again to the orphanage to play soccer. And of course I forgot my camera again! One of these times I will remember to bring it. Soccer was fun. I am starting to get better and can almost get the ball past the little kids. They are just way to good! Afterwards when we got home I cooked dinner. I made rice and beans, but it was super delicious! I can make some dang good beans. Elder Buyers and I also discovered an amazing drink. Africans love tea so they have all sorts of different kinds of "tea." One is hot milk with sugar. You just boil milk for like 20 or 30 minutes and then add sugar and drink it. Its sooooooo goooood!!!! So I made that as well last night.

That reminds me. I finally got my box! It was seriously better than Christmas. And it reminded me of home waaayy to much, but I loved it. Btw.... HOLY COW ON THE DEODERANT!!! I have never seen that much in my life. It will last me like 5 years. Haha maybe not that long. But thanks anyways. And the food was amazing, even though all of the preservatives have really messed up my digestive system. Nothing here is preserved or manufactured like food in the states. So I am totally not used to it, but it was worth it. Keep sending me delicious junk food :)

To answer Dad's question. We do have a water filter. Every missionary apartment has a water filter system. If the water goes out then we just have to buy water. If there's no water to buy then we have water storage for emergencies. Every apartment also food storage for emergencies. I hope we never have to use any of it, even though it would make some great stories!! Haha. And I do have plenty of sunscreen, I just forget to use it and then halfway through the day its to late. But I am going to use it more because the dry season is coming and the sun is getting more intense every day. We are allowed to wear hats that have the brim all around. Like those fishing or safari hats. The only problem is that I don't have one. 

Its really sad to hear about Jon Tanner. This past week I had been thinking a lot about Fairbanks for some reason. I had no idea why or where it came from, but random memories of Fairbanks kept coming at really random times. Now I guess I know why. Usually hearing about someone passing away doesn't affect me that much, but I feel so sad for everyone there(in Fairbanks). I cant imagine what you are all going through. One of my favorite memories is my first moose hunting trip with Jon Tanner, Jerry Bastian, Dad, and me. We went to Galena and then went in boats up the Koyukuk River. That was a really fun trip. I cant remember how old I was, I think maybe like 4th or 5th grade. Its weird because I remember a lot about that trip. We didn't have the big tents so we wrapped some trees with a roll of plastic and made a shelter. Then I remember all of the great adventures we had wandering around and having crazy things happen. It was a lot of fun and is one of my favorite childhood memories. I love the plan of salvation. It brings so much purpose into our lives. This kinda made me realize that we don't know when our time will end here on the earth. Heavenly Father can call us back at any moment. One thing I like to teach people about is being ready to meet the Savior tomorrow. If you are not ready then some things in your life need to change. The plan of salvation is very real. I know that if we really apply it to our lives then it will bring so much peace and happiness. My prayers go out to all of you.
Well there's not much else. I am going to be sending some pics in another email later today. Have a good week! I love you all. Thanks for everything.  

Love Elder LeCheminant
p.s. Everyone should send me a package cus I like delicious junk food :) hahahahahahahaha

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