Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Another week down, A LOT more to go. We had a good week. Nothing really crazy happened this week. We just did normal missionary work. The usual walking ALL DAY long. I havent been inside a vehicle for about three weeks now. Its really great to walk everywhere. My legs hurt more if I sit around doing nothing than when I am out walking. I dont know how that works, its kinda weird. Hahaha

Two members of the branch got their mission calls this week. Both are going to Ghana but different missions. There are now almost 10 missionaries from this branch and there is like 3 more that are working on the papers right now! Its amazing. Even a small branch of under 200 members has that many missionaries! The gospel is true.

We spent a lot of time this week trying to build our teaching pool. At the end of last we basically had to drop almost everyone. So now we are just preparing for next transfer. We found a few really great families. I love finding families because when they accept the gospel they will most likely be very strong in the church and also have the temple to work towards.

Elder Buyers and I have been doing really good together. I dont remember if I already talked about this. But our lessons have been getting very good. Almost every lesson we had this week had the spirit present and we were able to teach powerful lessons. Its amazing what the spirit does. I have been getting better at recognizing the spirit. That is something that I have never been good at, and I have been really working on it recently. The spirit is an amazing resource that we have.

We were not able to watch general conference yet. If we were to watch it live then it would be in the middle of the night here. So in like two weeks we will recieve the DVDs and the branch will be able to watch it. So our conference weekend is in a couple of weeks. But Elder Buyers and I are downloading the audio for each session from and we are going to listen to it during the week. One thing that is really amazing is that we now have 80,000 missionaries! And the church membership is now over 15 million. That is truly an amazing thing. In just 183 years the church has grown a lot. I cant wait to listen to all of it!

As for music. We have a portable DVD player that we can watch church movies with and listen to music on. We either put CDs or flash drives that have music on them. And we are not allowed to use headphones, only speakers. But any music that is uplifting and doesnt take away from the spirit we can have. So you can either send the CD or somehow send the files in an email. Whichever you think is easier :)

Haha to Andy! :) Thats two years in a row now that BYU has beaten Utah State. hehehe. I remember last years game. it was awesome.

One of the pics is me sleeping while Elder Buyers is emailing. We are using the computer at the church.

The other is a super legit picture of all of us walking to church yesterday. I think its a pretty awesome picture.

Love Elder LeCheminant

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