Monday, September 30, 2013


So this week a lot of weird stuff happened. First of all we had no electricity for almost FIVE DAYS!!!! It went out on Tuesday and didn't come back until Sunday morning. By Friday night the running water stopped flowing, so we had no running water for a while; even at the church. So we almost didn't have any water to fill the font for our baptisms on Saturday, but the water came back on Saturday morning just in time to fill the font. That was kinda nerve racking, but we survived. The fridge started smelling REALLY bad after like the third day and we had to live with candles and flash lights every night. Just one of those awesome things about Africa! :) It also rained a ton like almost every day. We got rained on a few more times and there was one huge storm that lasted a couple hours. Tons of thunder, lightning, wind and rain. And then it stopped just as fast as it came. That was probably the most intense storm I have ever been in. Luckily we were inside so we didn't have to get completely soaked. 

We had three people baptized. Two of them were ten year old boys. They are really intelligent and have basically memorized everything we taught. They are called Oscar Omara and Solomon Epwopu. Last week Solomon's older sister had been giving him tea and we told him that he needs to stop drinking it before he got baptized. The next time we saw him we asked how he was doing and he said that when she makes tea, he asks her to just fill a cup with hot water and give it to him without the tea. A TEN year old! They are so awesome. I love those little guys. The other baptism was a guy called Anthony Okot. He is 22 and a student at a university here in Lira. I will send a picture. 

So that's some of my craziness that's happening over here. Today I turned 4 months! I feel like I have been here forever, but I really just got here. Time doesn't mix well with missionaries. It is all way to messed up for me, it goes fast and then goes slow. The days are like weeks and the weeks are like days. Its really weird. 4 Months! 20 More to go. And its already October, the year is almost over! Pretty soon it will be Christmas.

Tha'ts awesome that Dad was able to give all those blessings. The priesthood is real. I love giving people blessings because those are the times when I feel the influence of the spirit more than anything.

That sucks for BYU football, but its ok because they haven been very good for a few years; haha, sorry to all you fans out there! What really matters is volleyball!! I miss going to watch Kathryn play. And with Kathryn... What?! You are no longer my favorite cousin because you don't tell me important things like getting marriaged and stuff like that! Haha :) I actually kinda guessed it. Emily kinda mentioned something about it in her emails that Melinda sends to me. But I didn't ask or say anything because  nobody else was saying anything! I guess I should say congrats. :)

With packages. The office couple or the AP's are the ones that pick up things at the post office, then it sits in the mission office until someone can pick it up. Since we are like 5 hours away here in Lira, its usually the Zone Leaders that would bring it. They go to Kampala at the end of every month for meetings and stuff. They just went last week but didn't have my box so I guess it was still at the post office. In two weeks is transfers so maybe someone will be able to bring it, or I would have to wait until the end of the month. That also goes with any mail. You can send regular letters to me, it just takes a little more postage. And you can send smaller packages with whatever. You just mail everything to the same address, it is the address for the mission office. Elder Buyers just got a ton of stuff like candy and food and a few letters. 

I think that's enough for one email. Andy finally emailed me! Its about time!!! Haha. I will probably remember some more stuff to tell you all tomorrow when I cant email.

Love Elder LeChe!!

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