Monday, September 2, 2013


I am now three months old and done with transfer numba 2! Time is moving. So this week is transfer week. We will be receiving the new son Wednesday and then transfers will be on Thursday. Pretty exciting! I'm not nearly as nervous as I was at the end of last transfer. Now I am just letting it come and I am excited for whatever happens. Mission is really great. 
This week was tough. We got bounced A LOT. When I say bounced it means someone cancelled a scheduled lesson on us. . But Elder Jimu and I finished the transfer strong and now we are just preparing the area for next transfer. Last night I realized the truthfulness of the scripture that says "many are called but few are chosen." We were totaling our numbers for the transfer and found something crazy. We had 65 new investigators overall for the transfer. And out of those 65, only ONE was baptized! Our other baptism was someone we found last transfer. One person baptized out of 65!!. People have their agency. When they fail to keep their commitments then we cant really do anything. But that's just mission life.  

Today was an awesome P-day!!! We went to a place called Ssesibwa Falls. It is a waterfall with a nice park. We were literally out in village/bush area. It was soo awesome and I got a ton of great pictures. There were people living in mud huts and caves and most of them were traditional healers or witch doctors. Obviously we didn't go and talk with them. The water fall was beautiful! It really made me miss home in Alaska. Just being out in nature with trees and rivers and mountains. We hiked around the falls and there was clusters of bamboo and we even walked through some legit African jungle. I cant really describe how awesome it was. It was really nice to get away from the city. Mukono is like a city and it is always busy.

So during personal study I have been reading in the New Testament. I am now almost done with 1st Corinthians. This book is literally amazing! Every chapter is just packed with gospel topics. One chapter that I really loved is chapter 14. This chapter Paul is teaching the people the truth about the gift of tongues. Something that almost everyone here doesn't understand is the truth about the gift of tongues. They think that it makes you able to just speak in some random language. There are pastors and preachers that do that. They just start blabbering and making noises and calling it a gift from the spirit. It is really fake. Anyways chapter 14 tells the truth. I love the scriptures! These past three months I have really fallen in love with reading the scriptures. The hour of personal study every morning is not nearly enough time. I always feel like I am just getting started and then the time is gone. The scriptures are truly a gift from God. 

Yay to Elder Aaron Cox!! That is pretty dang awesome to be going to the West Indies Mission. You will be a great missionary. Study the scriptures and Preach My Gospel like crazy before you go. It will help you more than you think. It is really hard to teach people about the scriptures when you don't know what is inside. I have experienced it myself. 

I hope you had fun with the fair! The fair is a lot like life here in Mukono. Everyone has small shops or booths along the road and there are people every where always busy going everywhere. There aren't really any big stores There's like two supermarkets and the rest is just small shops or booths like the fair. So you just experienced a taste of what it's like in Africa! Haha kidding :)

Keep being awesome people! I love to hear from everyone about life in the US. America is a dream here. It has really made me realize how blessed we are with everything. Don't forget the blessings and everything that God has given to you because not many people live like we do in the states. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth. All of the teachings and doctrine are true and given to us from our loving Heavenly Father. The gospel is real and blesses us in so many ways. Until next week!!

Elder LeCheminant 

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