Monday, August 26, 2013


This week was really great! I had a lot of different experiences that I will always remember. Elder Jimu and I have been working really great together. We are doing our best at handling all of Mukono. It is soo big! Basically combine the people in Wasilla and Palmer and thats how big Mukono is, all in the size of Palmer. It is a lot of work but we are really enjoying everything. 

Yesterday we had a baptism. His name is Robson Isingoma. He is basically the most golden investigator ever. The past three sundays he came at least 30 min early to church. And he has just been soaking up all of the lessons. He had problems with coffee and tea but basically gave them up with no questions when we taught the Word of Wisdom. I have really enjoyed teaching and getting to know him these past few weeks. I will attach a picture. Also I will put a picture of our baptism last week of Jackie Mahoro. 
Church yesterday was also great. We had a whopping 110 people attend sacrament meeting. That is the most since I have been here which was really great. The only thing is that there is more than that many less/in-active people in the ward. We are doing our best at finding less active people and bringing them back to church. It was such a great feeling yesterday when we saw a lot of members we have been visiting coming to church. It made all of the efforts of finding where they live and teaching them worth it. 

Every day of the week were just normal days of missionary work. There was one experience we had yesterday. After church we went out to proselyte. We went to a guy named Chris. While teaching him we found out that he is a missionary for a Born Again church. Then the lesson kinda started to turn into a one sided bible bash. He was just asking us tons of questions about random things in the bible, and then would ask if we were 100% sure of what we were doing. When we would try to explain and answer his questions he would just interrupt and ask another question and not give us any time. So we just sat there and listened to his ramblings. Every once in a while he gave us a few seconds to speak and we just gave him our simple testimonies. It went like that for about 30 min. I was amazed at how mislead he is with the teachings and interpretations of the Bible. It really made me grateful for the truths that we have been given with the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. After some time we just left because it was kinda a waste of time. It really helped strengthen my testimony of the Restoration and of how plain and simple the gospel is. 

We are now in week 6 of the transfer! This week I am going to turn 3 months. Woo hoo!! Its crazy that August is almost over. The year is going to be done before we realize it. I have really enjoyed the time I have spent here. Uganda is an amazing place. Most of the people here are very nice and even though the standard of living is pretty low, most of the people are happy and all around good people. I love being a missionary!
On friday I got my first Sugar Cane! It is soo good. It looks like a big stick and you just peel the outside and suck the juice on the inside. The juice is super sweet (like sugar). I will attach a pick of me eating it. 

Thats pretty awesome that you got to go to the Foreigner concert. I remember having the most boring job of sitting at the Cokestand in the Borealis Theater. It was super boring and I didnt get paid much, but I got to see some awesome concerts!! Sounds like normal Alaska fall weather of nothing but rain. It is getting to be the rainy season here so the weather is nice and cool and it rains almost everyday. 

That's perty awesome that Valdez is now a Ward! I wasn't really expecting that to happen but it is great. The church is growing all over the world! Also super congrats to Tyler and Packer for almost being missionaries. It is such a great time and you learn soo many things! What are their missionary emails?  

As for projects you could do.. I dont really know. Scripture bags would be great because most people dont have them, they just carry their scriptures and they get super dirty and messed up.
Also with whatever you are sending, I was really wanting some of those elastic workout bands. Andy knows what they are cuz we bought some for p90x. If you could get some of those along with the hook thingy to attach it to a door that would be great! Im kinda tired of just push ups and sit ups. Last week I started laying on the floor and "bench pressing" some big jugs of water cus I wanted something different to do in the morning :)

I got another letter from Sister Casagranda! She is the only person that I have got anything from other than email :) I really appreciate it. Thanks for the great quote from Bruce R Mckonkie. 

To Sarah, there's no such thing as having hard classes unless it has to with physics! Haha :)

So one of the pics is of me, Elder Jimu and a member called Mathias that we have been working with almost every day. The others I already explained.

Elder LeCheminant

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