Monday, August 12, 2013


This week was the most eventful and awesome week that I have had. Elder Jimu and I have been doing great and we work really well together. Everything we did this week seemed to just fall into place. We didn't focus very much on finding new people because we already had 12 new investigators from last week. So we tried our best at focusing on all of them and getting them to come to church and progress. The crazy thing is that this week we ended up with 16 new investigators!!! So now our teaching pool is massive and we are going to be very very busy for the next 3 weeks (transfer ends in 3 weeks). The only problem is that yesterday only 3 came to church. We had about 10 promise to come and were telling us they were on their way but they never showed up. But that is just how missionary work in the Uganda Kampala Mission is. One of the people that came to church is an incredible guy. He is soooo willing to change his life and join the church that he came AN HOUR EARLY. I was amazed. At church he was even telling people that he was going to be baptized soon. I was sitting there wondering what church would be like at home if people were so dedicated to the gospel that they would even come to church an hour early. Hmmm.... Just something to think about :)

Anyways, on Thursday we had exchanges with the Zone Leaders. The ZLs stay in a place called Mutungo. It is in Kampala. One of the ZLs is my father, Elder Mgijima. The other one is a white South African called Elder Melton. For the exchanges, Elder Mgijima came to Mukono and I went to Mutungo. It was really nice to get out of Mukono for a day and see something new. I really enjoyed the day with Elder Melton. He is an awesome missionary. We talked a lot about BYU and things like that because he wants to go there when he is done with mission. Anyways, in Mutungo we didnt start working until around 3:00. The awesome part is that we had 11 lessons by 8:00. I learned a lot about how to keep lessons shorter and even new ways to teach. So that was thursday. 

On friday morning, the other Elders in our district were taken out. They were having some serious issues with some things and when the AP's found out, they were gone in like an hour. It was pretty crazy and sad! I learned a lot about how important it is to always obey the rules because it can be very easy to get in serious trouble. So now it is just Elder Jimu and I in Mukono for the rest of the transfer. We have a big job ahead of us because we now have their side to take care of as well as ours. The hard part is that Mukono is HUGE!! I dont know how we are going to manage, but I know that the Lord will help us with everything. I have already seen His hand in the work from this past week. Elder Jimu and I are going to work our socks off and I know that we will have success. Missionary work is amazing! And the Uganda Kampala Mission is truly the Mission of Missions. Im sorry to anyone else, but this is the best mission :)

Congrats that to Adam and Sarah McCleary!! Sorry to Lick and Rindsey. Thats just how life goes :) 

I was really wondering when Eric Wolford was coming home. It seems like he has been gone forever. But tell him that I say hello from Uganda and congrats for completing mission. Same to Sierra Branham, for going on mission, not for coming home. Its crazy how many missionaries there are from Palmer.

Thats really great that Uncle Brent is well and recovering. The Lord really knows us and wants the best for us. When we trust in him then he will always make sure we are taken care of. We can see the results with Brent. We just need to have faith and trust in the Lord. 

Time is seriously going way to fast. School is already starting there in AK and things like that. I cant believe that it is already almost halfway through August. Pretty soon it will be the end of the year and I will be an almost old missionary. Soo exciting! 

Thats pretty dang awesome that you get to see Elder Bednar next Sunday. I'm kinda jealous. But I'm also in the best mission in the world so im not to worried about it :)

Have a good week starting school and everything! 
Love Elder LeCheminant

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