Monday, August 5, 2013


So I literally feel like I just emailed last week. This week flew faster than I ever thought possible. Elder Jimu and I have been working very well together. He knows how to cook so we have been eating really well. I am definitely going to cook more throughout the rest of my mission. It is nice because Elder Mgijima didn't know how to cook anything, but he was a great companion! Its kinda hard for me to remember things that happened this week because it went by soo fast. Anyways, we spent a lot of time this week finding people and building our teaching pool, because our teaching pool was really suffering. Everyday we were blessed to find lots of people that were willing to listen. At the end of the week we had 13 new investigators. Which is a lot!! Unfortunately only 1 came to church yesterday so we only have like 3 people progressing. Hopefully we will get people to come next week. We only say someone is a progressing investigator if they come to church. So we usually only have a few "progressing" and the rest are just other investigators. Anyways we have a full week planned out already which is really nice because I hate trying to think of who we can see when we are doing nightly planning.

On Thursday we found this super old couple, probably in their late 60's. They have been catholic their entire lives but let us come in to share our message. The lesson kinda turned into a bible bash and it was pretty hard but by the end they asked for a Book Of Mormon to read for themselves and even wanted us to come again. I was really surprised, but we managed to pull through. It was awesome to see that we had the ability to confound someone so grounded in the bible and let him know that we have something else that is really true. One of the biggest problems he had was that the church that Christ established was taken from the earth after the Apostles were all gone. I later realized that he was just misunderstanding what we were saying! I was so glad that we were able to make it through. It is truly amazing what you can do with something that is true even though you don't know everything. The church really is true and I love helping people learn about the restored gospel even though sometimes they are stubborn.
This past week the weather has been super nice. It has been very cloudy every day which makes it not very hot at all. And it has rained many times. It is so much easier to work when the weather is cool and I'm not sweating all the time. I have even been getting cold the last several nights. I never thought that would happen. And yesterday at church I wore a long sleeve shirt with my suit for the first time! My alaskan blood is gone :(

So in our district there is Elder Thusi, Mkwananzi, Jimu and Me. This is the last transfer for Elder Thusi. He is from South Africa. Yesterday he made vanilla pancakes with sliced banana inside. They were sooooo good!! I can still smell them. And he even gave me the recipe so I'm basically going to make pancakes a lot. I love food!!
That reminded me of some things that I want to make. I want to make french toast but cant remember how to exactly do it. So mom could you tell me how to make some french toast. And another thing is I would like you to send me the recipe for those banana cookies that I would always make. Our oven here doesn't work but I just want the recipe so that I can hopefully make them sometime.
Happy Birfday to Andy. I'm super jealous of all of that delicious food. There should be a way for you to make me some of that stuff and then send it so that I can eat it.
I got a letter from Sister Casagranda through Thank you!! Thank you for the motivating quotes. I love getting letters from people :)
Some other things that I wrote down to ask. This is kinda a dumb question, but do you think it would be ok to wash my microfiber towel in the washer? I dont know if it would get ruined or anything. And whenever you are sending me a box of stuffs (wink wink) I would like the Vocal Point album that came out last fall. I miss listening to the songs on it because they are some incredibly spiritual songs. Also if there is extra room in the box that you are sending sometime :) you should see if you can fit some deoderant. I really like the kind that I use and i will most likely run out soon. As many as you can fit. Thanks!!! :)

Love Elder LeCheminant

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