Monday, August 19, 2013


Another week gone! We had a really great week. We finished the week with 48 lessons and half of them with a member present. We were blessed to have a member work with us every day of the week. He is called Mathias and is an awesome person. He is super funny and we had a great time working with him everyday. Even this week we are planning to work with him almost everyday. Anyways, Elder Jimu and I have been handling the area really well. Even though Mukono is huge we have really been blessed with some great success.

Church yesterday was really good. It was the best sacrament meeting that I have been to here. We had a nice surprise, President and Sister Chatfield and the AP's came to church. We weren't expecting them at all. It was really good to have them here because they really helped add to the spirit. After church we had a baptism! Her name is Jackie Mahoro. She lives with the second counselor in the Bishopric called Bro Maraka. He is the one that baptized her. Also there was an eight year old in the Ward that was baptized by his father. Elder Jimu and I were the witnesses. It was my first time being a witness for a baptism. It was a different experience watching a baptism and being the one responsible for it being done correctly. Both of them had to be redone because they didnt go all the way under and the prayer wasn't said completely right. I really came to understand the importance of doing things correctly. When the Lord reveals something and says it needs to be done in a specific way, then we are responsible for always doing it correctly. Even the sacrament prayers need to be done 100% right or they have to say it over again. The Lords house is a house of order and certain things must be done right. Anyways, I love baptisms! The service was really great and the spirit was truly there.

The rest of the week was awesome. One exciting thing is that our water filter got fixed. It hasn't been working for like a month now. It would take maybe 2 hours to fill a water bottle, but a guy from the mission office finally came and fixed it so it only takes about 2 minutes to fill. Having clean water readily available is truly a blessing that I never realized until being here. The day before he came to fix the filter we had to boil water because it had completely stopped working. It was my first time having to boil water for it to be safe. Another thing that happened was that on Saturday night we ran out of gas for the stove. So we basically couldn't cook anything. And the next day was Sunday so we couldn't go buy food that didn't need to be cooked. Basically we have been eating bread for the last two days. They are coming to replace the gas tomorrow so we wont suffer for to long :). Even Christ taught that man cannot live on bread alone. I can testify to the literal meaning of that scripture! You cant live on bread for 2 days and hope to survive. Haha :)

Today for our P-day, Elder Jimu and I went to Jinja. It was pretty awesome! The taxi ride was like 2 hours which kinda sucked but I really enjoyed Jinja. It is a really nice little town/city. On the way there we went over the Nile River!!!! It was pretty awesome. I was going to take a picture but I was to late getting my camera out. So today I saw the Nile and also was able to see Lake Victoria from Jinja town. Hopefully someday I will serve in Jinja and go spend a Pday at the river. It is a HUGE river and the water is really clear. Both sides were extremely green and it was so beautiful. That was my cool experience for the week.

Yay for starting school and continuing with the craziness. Don't get to busy so that you don't have time to take care of important things. That is one thing I have learned here. A lot of people work all day long. Literally from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm. They are always always busy and never have time for anything. That is something we need to try to stay away from. There always needs to be time to spend with the family, and most importantly have time for the Lord.

Thanks for everything you do for me! I really appreciate all of the support. 

Until next week,
Elder LeCheminant

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