Monday, October 28, 2013


This week was interesting. Almost everyday our plans for the day were completely turned upside down. That was rough. We would end up just going forward not knowing what to do and where to go. It made us put a lot of trust in the lord that he would help us. The great thing is that each day actually turned out to be really great.

On Tuesday we did some service at a members house in the other Elder's area. We were digging in her garden. That means digging up the ground with a hoe so that seeds can be planted. Its sooooo fun! Not really. Africans think that white people cant work so they would always question and laugh at us as they walked by. It was kinda annoying but it was good because we showed them that we can work harder than them! The members really loved the service. I got some good blisters on my hands. My hands are really soft now from not doing any work with them for 5 months. On Saturday we went to a member in our area to help dig their garden. That was fun. Afterwards they made us food. It was sooo good!

We got rained on pretty good on Friday. Actually, I don't think 'rained on' is a good enough description. It poured for like two hours and we got caught in it. We were on our way to the church after some lessons. About 5 minutes away the rain came. We ran the rest of the way but it was already to late. EVERYTHING was completely soaked all the way through. My shoes, my clothes, and my scripture bag. Now my scriptures are slightly water damaged, but its ok. They look more used and rugged now :). My shoes just finished drying out this morning. That was a fun experience. I was sooo wet!!! The rain then cut our day really short, so we only had like 3 lessons on Friday. On Saturday and Sunday we watched General Conference, they finally sent us the DVDs so we could watch it. It basically took most of the day on Saturday. And on Sunday we had someone translating so it took an extra 45 min for each session. After each talk we would stop and he would summarize everything in Luo. Luo is the local language here. But conference was amazing. The talks were really awesome. I noticed that they talked a lot about families and morality. Its insane that 40% of children are born to unmarried parents and that only 20% of 19-20 yr olds are married now. The world is a crazy place. Something else that was said "If the laws of men are contrary to the laws of god, it does not change the laws of god. A sin is still a sin no matter how legal it is". Anyways, conference was amazing.
After church we went to the orphanage again to play soccer. Its soo much fun! Kids are awesome.

We have one investigator named Bosco. I dont remember if I already talked about him. We have been teaching him and his wife, Cecilia. Bosco is in the Uganda military. They are amazing investigators. A couple weeks ago after teaching them the Book of Mormon, Bosco asked if the church accepts people who drink alcohol. We gave him a Word of Wisdom pamphlet and said we would talk about it next time. We saw him this week and taught the Word of Wisdom, he said that he has already completely stopped drinking since we met with him last time. That was amazing. He stopped drinking before we even taught the word of wisdom! He is awesome and is really excited to be baptized in a couple weeks. That was just one cool experience. The gospel has really changed that whole family in such a short time!

Its good that the funeral went well. That would have been awesome to go to be able to see everyone. That's so awesome that you got to see the Heges in the airport. I actually really miss that family. I have some wonderful childhood memories with them. Its awesome that they are planning to move to the valley soon. Maybe I will get to see them when I come home! How are all the other Fairbanks peeps? Haha

Yea the package had customs tape over it. I dont think anything was taken but it looked like it had been inspected. People say that if you put pictures of Jesus all over packages then they dont inspect them. Haha maybe you could try that on the next one! It might work!! And the sick stomach was worth it! Its nice to have something other than rice and beans :)

I got some letters last week that I forgot about. From Kathy Casagranda and Calvin Simmons. Thanks for the great letters!!

Andy, you are crazy!! Who would want to go running for fun? Such a waste of energies. Haha but i guess its good for you :)

Thats all I can think of for now. Have a good week!

Love Elder LeCheminant

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