Monday, September 22, 2014

New Companion!

Well this week was a MESS!!! It was a crazy transfer week. Tuesday we spent all day going around so Elder Latola could say goodbye to people. In the morning we went out to Ciprians house again. It was fun and we ate nice food :).

Wednesday around 12:00 Elder Latola was picked up by the AP's. They were driving to Busia and then to Mbale. In Mbale they dropped him and picked up Elder Mkutswana and dropped him here in Iganga on their way back to Kampala. Then we were in a three-some because Elder Thomo's new companion wasn't even in Uganda yet. Thursday we did our best to work in both areas to visit a few people but it was difficult.

Friday Elder Mkutswana and I did our weekly planning. We were still in a three-some and we went and visited a couple people then had to go to Bugembe to do a baptism interview. We didn't get back until after 7:00. We have to be home at 8:00 for security reasons so we weren't able to do much when we came back.

Saturday morning we spent some time at the church with some members there. Then we taught a lesson at 2:00. We were supposed to be in Jinja at 3:30 to pick up the new missionary. The AP's didn't arrive until about 4:30 so we were playing volleyball at the church with some members while waiting. The new guy is Elder Chinunda and  he is from Tanzania. He was serving in Zambia for the last transfer because of visa problems. Uganda has been getting crazy with visas. USA and South Africa are not letting Ugandans into their countries, so Uganda is in turn not letting people come in. So we have been adopting a lot of new missionaries from other missions because they couldn't come to Uganda when they were supposed to.

Elder Mkutswana is the best. We get along very well together and have too much fun. He is a great guy. I am excited to work with him.

I miss the winter! and mountains.

Oh yea I just remembered something that happened!!! So we have a new returned Sister Missionary, of like 2 months, in the Branch. Her name is Helen and she served in the Kenya Nairobi Mission. Well, on mission there was an Elder from Utah who she got to know and last Wednesday he showed up here in Uganda!! They are planning to get married sometime soon. Yesterday they went to Helen's village to meet her family. They invited us to come along, so we went with them and several members of the Branch to spend the evening at her village. There was a meeting where we sat there and someone was introducing all of her relatives to us. It was pretty fun and kind of a cool experience. His parents are coming at the end of October to meet her family as well and then they will do a traditional wedding here. They also requested that we are there for that as well. So its pretty exciting. .

So the picture with the chickens is from Ciprian's house on Tuesday.  Then the other two are from our gathering yesterday.

This is me and Elder Jimu. He finished his mission last week and is now home. He is the first of my companions to go home!!!!!!! It was too weird.

Also our baptism we had last week of peter. We did the picture together with the other elders to make it go faster.

Have a great week everyone. You are the best.
Elder LeCheminant senior

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