Monday, September 29, 2014

Potential Concussion

Howdy do

SO today I forgot my planner again and my head hurts really really bad. We were playing capture the flag in Jinja today with Jinja Zone and I was running backwards to get away from someone and I was going too fast and they tagged me and then I fell and hit the back of my head really hard on the ground. For a few minutes I couldn't focus out of my left eye, but its okay now so DON'T worry! Haha, my head just hurts really bad. I took some ibuprofen but it didn't really do much. Anyways, because of all that I kinda don't want to take much time today for emailing. Sorry Bambi! (Bambi is a word here that kinda is an expression of feeling sorry for someone.)

We spent the whole week kinda reorganizing the way we work each day. Elder Mkutswana and I want to do things a lot different than how they have been done in the past. So each day we struggled to get lessons, we were bounced a lot!

We spent a lot of time working with David. David is an awesome investigator who was super prepared for the gospel. He lives about a 15 minute drive into a village. He was originally taught by Elder Latola before I got here to Iganga. We taught him for a couple weeks then we dropped him. A couple weeks ago he came back; now he is even more prepared. For the two months we weren't teaching him he was reading the pamphlets and the Book Of Mormon. He knows everything perfectly now. He has to ride a bicycle for about 30 minutes to come to church. Surprisingly, yesterday at church he showed up with his wife! It was awesome! We are preparing him to be baptized next Sunday.

We had MLC on Friday, so we left for Kampala early. The meeting was fantastic! Afterwards they took us to a super nice hotel called the Protea for dinner. It was sooooo goood and way too fancy. Saturday morning we went to a guy in Kampala who makes plaques out of Ebony wood. I just wanted to see where the guy is so I will probably spend some money next month when we are there :)

Yesterday for church we had Branch Conference. Many District Auxiliary Leaders were there and Sacrament attendance was huge!!! We had 109 in attendance. Since I have been here it has been around 85 so that was awesome. We also said goodbye to the Caspersons; they are the senior couple that is over the Jinja District and they are going home this week. They will be replaced by Elder and Sister Squire who are from Layton, UT. They are awesome!!!!! Elder Squire completely reminds me of Mike Owens, same walk and everything. Its pretty cool :). They have been here in Uganda for about 6 months and Sister Squire was the mission nurse but we are getting a new doctor couple to replace them. The new couple is from somewhere around Provo or Orem and President Chatfield says he is the best OBGYN in Utah or something. We will see when they get here.

Dad I can't believe you actually bought a tractor!

The deal with the terrorists has kinda settled down. We go home at 9:00 now as normal so that is nice. It is really hard to always be coming home early.

That's all for now. I love you all.
Elder LeCheminant

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