Monday, September 15, 2014

Transfer #12

So I will just dive right into it this week.

Tuesday was a great day. We met with Peter to finish teaching him the commandments from Lesson 4. He is doing great. Then we met another guy called Robert. He is an investigator that is still in the stage of promising but not yet progressing.  In the evening we taught Ibrahim about the Book Of Mormon. He is a funny guy but remembers everything about the Restoration and is excited about the Book Of Mormon. Then we finished the day by teaching Collins(recently baptized). We talked about the atonement with him and then left an assignment to study more about the atonement and be ready to teach us next time.

Wednesday we went with our RS president, Aida, to a family she wanted us to teach. The husband is a fellow teacher at a school that Aida works with. His name is Fred and his wife is Tabitha. They are awesome!!! They were so humble and willing to listen to us. They were good "students" as well and listened and learned from everything we taught. It was nice. They stay a bit far in the village though so it will be a challenge for them to come to church regularly, but they are awesome! We finished the day teaching Ibrahim again about the Plan Of Salvation. He loved it and was even starting to explain some things to himself.

Thursday morning we met with the Elder's Quorum President and helped him some more with reorganizing the home teaching. We met with Peter and reviewed the interview questions for his final preparation for baptism. Then at around 5:00 we went out to President Ciprian's house! When we got there we killed two chickens and they prepared dinner for us. While we were waiting for the food we participated in what has now become a tradition in Iganga. I planted a tree!! The missionaries before me started a tradition of planting a fruit tree at Ciprians house. So I planted a mango tree!! In 20 years when I come back (hahaha) I will tell everyone that that mango tree is mine!! So that was cool. After that we played UNO, Then we ate. :)

Friday we met some more families. Last week on Sunday there were these two mamas that came to church. So we planned to go and visit them on Friday and took the Branch president with us. It was in a small village about a 7 minute drive from town. We met the first mama called Florence and her family. They were awesome and are listened to us as we introduced the Restoration. Then after that we went to the other mama called Joy. It was interesting. We got to her house and met her husband, we were sitting there about to start introducing ourselves, then they started calling the family to come and join. It took like 5 minutes for everyone to come! There was a ton of children crammed in the doorway. The husband started talking and said that he has 17 children!!!!!!!!!! Elder Latola and I just looked at each other and just went right ahead introducing the Restoration. For them it will a bit difficult to progress towards baptism, we are suspecting that he has more than one wife because Joy could not have had 17 kids on her own. But both Florence and Joy came again to church this Sunday and they brought some kids with them as well. In the evening on Friday we saw Ibrahim again. When we sat down we noticed that the Koran was sitting on the floor under the table. Then we found out the he is Muslim. We taught him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he wants to be baptized but still considers himself to be Muslim. We were planning to set a baptism date for next week, but now we have to wait until he decides on Christianity or Islam. He wants to be both somehow!

On Saturday in Bugembe there was a crowning ceremony for the new king of the Busoga. The Busoga is the tribe in this part of Uganda. At the ceremony were tons of people and also President Museveni, the President of Uganda, and leaders from other tribes in Uganda. So security was super tight and people were going crazy. We were talking with the Elders there and with President Chatfield and he decided to close the District for the day. In the morning we drove to Bugembe, picked up all 4 elders, and brought them to Iganga for the day. I spent the day working with Elder Allred and my comp worked with his comp.

Sunday was also great. Church was nice and we had the baptism of Peter. After church we went to a village in Bugiri District to a guy called Joshua. We last saw him about a month ago.  During the lesson a huge storm came;  it was super windy and pouring cats and dogs. The roof of his house is just iron sheets so when the cats and dogs hit the iron sheets it gets really really loud! We were doing our best to speak over the noise but it was really difficult. Then There came a point when Elder Latola was teaching and a thought popped into my head that I should pray. So I said a prayer asking God to reduce the rain until we finished the lesson so we would be able to hear ourselves, then after waiting a minute the rain only increased and it got louder! So I said another prayer pleading with God to let us be able to finish the lesson and within a minute the main part of the storm passed over and the rain went to a drizzle. :) So it was just a cool experience for me to see Heavenly Father answer my prayer like that! Its something that I will always remember.

Yes there was attempted terrorist stuff in Kampala this week. Since Saturday we have had to come home by 8:00pm. The AP's said today that things are still going on so we still have to go home at 8:00 until further notice. So yay for that.

Oh yea!! Haha today we got our transfer news. Elder Latola is going to Mbale. My next comp is Elder Mkutswana. He is coming from Mbale. So he and Latola are just swapping. We are ZL's together. Elder Mkutswana was in Entebbe the same time that I was so I already know him. He is a cool guy. He comes from South Africa. Today I started transfer #12!!!!!!!!!

So there's what happened with me this week. I love you all. The church is true!
Elder LeCheminant senior

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