Monday, September 8, 2014

Sending Roaches to the Spirit World

So I spent a long time replying to others. So now I don't have much time left. Sorry!

Wednesday we had ZDM. I gave a training about the area book and using it effectively. It was great training and I even learned some new ways to use the area book while I was training the other Elders. Thursday we did exchanges with the other companionship in our district. I worked with Elder Mfolwe. We had a great day and taught some good lessons.

Friday evening we went to see Patience, Praise, and Tony - the three people we baptized last week. We said goodbye to them and they went back to school on Sunday. It was sad to say goodbye. Those kids were the best! I could stay at their house all day. We then went home, got our stuff, and drove to Bugembe. We arrived there at around 9:30. The drive was not fun. The road was full of big trucks driving slow. Driving at night here is so painful. We stayed the night there and then worked with them on Saturday. I worked with Elders Mayeya and Rindrafifaliana. Elder Mayeye is from Malawi and Rindrafifaliana is from Madagascar. They are awesome elders and we had a fun day together. We went to their coordination meeting with them in the morning and then worked. In the evening on Saturdays they have a Preach My Gospel class. They invite all members to come so they can teach the members the principles in PMG so the members can better be able to do missionary work. We were with them for the first part of the class, but we had to leave at around 7:30. We went to Mpumudde to give the elders some things then drove back to Iganga. Again the drive was painful and it took us 20 more minutes to reach Iganga than it should have. We had to come back early to do some baptism interviews for Elder Thomo and Mfolwe.

Church on Sunday was awesome. Testimony meeting in Iganga Branch is always a humorous time. Many of the members just make you laugh sometimes from things they do. I love Iganga Branch. We had a lot of investigators at church as well. 4 were investigators and there were 6 other people that just came to church to see what was there! It was awesome so we will be following up with those people this week.

Today Pday kinda sucked. We spent literally all day deep cleaning the house. We were cleaning for about 6 hours!!!! It was exhausting. Now the house is clean and roach free. The kitchen was infested with roaches. It was pretty disgusting. Today we took the time to clean out all of the cabinets and spray roach killer. I think we sent at least 200 roaches to the spirit world. But I am super tired from all the cleaning. So today was not very fun but now I can enjoy our house! :)

Thanks Alan for confirming my memory of Great Great Grandpa LeCheminant. I think it would be cool if someone could find some more info/stories about his mission to South Africa and send it to me. :)

Have a great week everyone!
Love Elder LeCheminant senior

"You will probably get many confirmations that your great grandfather LeCheminant did serve in SA. He was there during WWI and spent 4 years there because all the passenger ships were being used to transport troops and supplies to the war effort. He eventually circumnavigated the globe to get home."  Alan LeCheminant

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