Monday, December 15, 2014

Crazy Hectic Week!

This was just a hectic week! We were super disorganized. Transfers were crazy.

On Tuesday evening we went to Ciprian's place. We left Iganga kinda late so we were driving in the dark going there. Then we killed the chicken and then dinner came out late as a result. We didn't leave his house until 9:30 and got home at 10:00. I was soo tired!

Then Wednesday was transfer day. This time they had all of the zone leaders do the transfers. In the past the senior couples were the ones driving for transfers, but now it was all the zone leaders. So we got to drive to Kampala on Wednesday. We picked up Elder Allred in Bugembe, then Elders Hamlett and Halladay in Mpumudde and then went to Kampala. We arrived at the missionary compound in Ntinda where the Senior Couples in Kampala, the AP's and the Ntinda missionaries stay. Transfers were crazy. There was about 15 vehicles in the compound and tons of missionaries. The place only has room for about 6 or 7 vehicles. It was fun to see missionaries from all over the mission who were being transfered. I saw Elder Mgijima for the last time! He is now home. It was nice to see a few old companions and other missionaries that I have served with in the last year and a half. Then at around 4:00 we finally left with the Elders for our zone. On the way out we stopped at Shoprite and the Distribution Center. We left Kampala at about 6:00  and reached Jinja at 9:00. Traffic was ridiculous. It took us an hour longer than usual to reach Jinja. Then after dropping off the elders we didn't get back to Iganga until about 10:00. I was exhausted driving in heavy traffic the whole day, but we survived and now things are slowing down.

There was a stressful thing that happened. On Saturday it was announced that we were going to watch a Conference broadcast for the Africa Continent. We got to the church and found out that it was supposed to be shown on Sunday. A few families had already come to the church and we didn't want to just send them home, so we tried putting on a movie for them. The dvd player was having problems; we would put in a movie and explain what it was about then start it, then 2 minutes into the movie it would stop working. That happened about 6 times. It was really embarrassing! Finally we realized we had some movies on a USB. That worked so we watched the 'RM!' It was a pretty funny movie. The families were happy and went home afterwards.

Then Sunday comes. We had Sacrament and then went to show the Conference. They had brought another dvd player to use and as we put it on we found that the dvd player didn't work. Everyone was there watching us struggle to get the thing to work. Then we went to the computer at the church and tried copying the recording onto a USB. It worked but took about 10 minutes. They had the congregation just sing hymns while they waited. We put in the USB to the TV and it worked, but as the speakers started talking, the language was not English. I think it was Portuguese. We had copied the wrong language on the computer!!!!!!!!! That was just embarrassing. Then someone offered a dvd player from their house, so we drove to their house like it was need for speed. It usually takes about 5 minutes to drive there. Well, we drove there, got the dvd player, and drove back to the church in 5 minutes. :) Hahaha anyways, the dvd player worked!!!!!!! Only 45 minutes after we tried the first time were we finally able to get it going. That was just a stressful hour. The Conference was amazing. It was Elder Gay of the seventy, Sister Stevens, Elder Bednar, and Pres Uchtdorf speaking to the continent of Africa. The messages were awesome and addressed a lot of problems here. Elder Gay said something cool. He talked about the problem of being too BUSY! Then went on to explain that being busy simply means Being Under Satan's Yoke. Think about that!!! :)

We survived the week through all the chaos. This week will be our first week in about the last 6 weeks where we will be in our area every day! I am excited.
Thanks for the Christmas songs Andy.

Congrats on the new baby Kathryn!!
Also that's awesome that you were able to finally get a moose dad. Hopefully there will still be some left in 5 months :)
Happy Anniversary mom and dad last week!
Happy birthday Jacob. 13 years old.

Have a great week all. Enjoy preparing for Christmas.

Elder LeCheminafrica

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