Monday, December 1, 2014

Lots of Service Makes for a Great Week!

Well this was a pretty awesome week! We only had 6 lessons the whole week because we were doing soo many different things.

Tuesday and Wednesday we spent finishing up the lessons for Fred and his two daughters Linette and Christine and also Aminsi who is the youngest son to Florence.
Tuesday morning we did service for the mother to Fred. She is an old women who has a huge garden and needed help becuase she has been having a lot of back pain. So we helped in the garden on Tuesday morning. We had a good time there. Then the amazing thing is that the grandma gave us a huge chicken afterwards to take home and eat! We were really happy about that. So Wednesday morning we killed the chicken and cooked it in the crock pot for several hours with some soup mix. It was sooooo delicious!!!

Wednesday we spent a lot of time as well teaching those preparing for baptism.
Thursday morning we did service in the garden for Florence. Afterwards she fed us sweet potatoes with some kind of really good sauce. I spent the afternoon with Elder Mayeya, our District Leader, because he was interviewing our 4 investigators to be baptized on Sunday. During the interview of Aminsi, Florence was making something called "insenene." That is basically grasshoppers, with the wings and legs pulled off, and then cooked in a frying pan. I took a sweet pic of them that I will send next week. The insenene (grasshoppers) taste soo good. They taste kinda like bacon. I encourage everyone to try it. They are delicious! :)

We left for Kampala on Thursday night around 7:00 pm. We drove together in a line with the ZL's from Mbale and from Jinja. For some reason I ended up being the lead out of the three vehicles. It was dark and driving on the roads in Uganda at night is nice because there is less traffic but it is dark so pretty scary at times. There was one time were there was a big truck just sitting in the road and there was no lights or anything to warn that it was there. Because it was dark, I didn't see it until about 2 seconds away. Luckily I saw it and swerved out of the way just in time to miss the truck. If i didn't swerve I would have run right into the back and probably wouldn't be here typing this email right now. Then another time we were behind a slow truck and as I was overtaking him the road ahead was completely dark so I assumed it was safe to pass. As I started overtaking, the road unexpectedly curved and a car was coming!!! Since I was halfway I decided to just finish the pass and barely barely barely squeezed in just in time. It was a little too close for comfort. We arrived in Kampala safely around 10:00 pm. Friday morning we went to the mission office to do some shtuff then to the distribution center. At 1:00 we were at the mission home for MLC to start at 1:30. MLC was awesome!! We had all of the zone leaders in the mission there this time. So the far away ones didn't have to Skype again. There was a few changes made in the mission. One thing we talked about is that as the second coming of Jesus Christ draws nearer, the world is becoming increasingly more wicked and evil. So in response, the requirements for becoming a member of the Church of Jesus Christ are becoming a bit more difficult. There are new rules regarding polygamy and Muslims which are both common here in Uganda. After MLC we went to eat at the Protea again. The food was way to fancy and delicious.

On Saturday we spent the morning going to Shoprite and then getting the truck serviced. While the truck was being serviced we ate at a restaurant called Cafe Javas. It was really good. I had a huge hamburger that was too big to fit my mouth over, and it was way to expensive as well, but I was willing to make the sacrifice. :) We made it back to Iganga at around 4:30. I was way too exhausted. The long driving for two days just wiped me out, but I survived and did my best to stay awake.
Sunday was pretty awesome as well. During church one of the recent converts, and prospective missionary, gave a talk in sacrament meeting. He was baptized this year in February but gave a talk like a General Authority. It was powerful! Then during the next two block meetings my companion and I spent the time filling the baptism font with buckets. I think It took over 250 buckets. I tried counting but then lost track because it was soo many. One cool thing about Sacrament meeting is that we had 18 investigators at church. That was really exciting. I have never had that many before. After church we had the baptism of those four that I mentioned before. It was a great baptism service.

Overall this week has been a great week. Even November was an amazing month. This past month I have learned a ton of things a grew in more ways than I can even count. I feel that I am a completely different missionary now than what I was in October and the months before. I am now starting my last 6 months of mission. This is the time for me to be able to do as much good as I possibly can while I am still here. I feel that November has prepared me for the next 6 months and even the next several years of my life. This December we are participating in the event the church is doing about spreading the Gift of Jesus Christ. We will be carrying around laminated papers that basically show the "Share the Gift" message. It is a way that we will be using to find new investigators throughout this Christmas season. I am excited for Christmas this year. It will be a memorable one for all of us as we remember the coming of our Savior to the World. He really did come to the world. It is the greatest gift that God has given to the entire human family. He is the gift. Share the gift.

Elder LeCheminant  

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