Monday, December 29, 2014

Hello, 2015!

Hello everyone! 

This was a great week with lots of interesting things.
Tuesday was just a good day. We met with Elizabeth who was preparing for baptism on Sunday. She is a daughter to Fred who was baptized a few weeks ago. Then after lunch we set baptism dates with 3 other people. they will be baptized in January. Wednesday was also a good day. We continued preparing Elizabeth and met a few other people. In the evening we had Family Home Evening with a family that was referred to us by the Branch President. It was a great FHE. For the lesson part I told the story of the Book of Mormon using a piece of paper. Its a cool story that I learned from another missionary. Then we played games and just had a good time.

Thursday was Christmas of course! We had put our mattresses on the floor in the sitting room so the 4 of us in the house slept there like a sleep over kinda thing. Then in the morning we opened the stockings that mom sent. I gave one stocking to the other companionship and one stocking to me and my companion. I had hung them over an A/C unit that is in our sitting room. I thought it was funny because at home you hang the stockings over the fireplace. Here I put them over the Air Conditioning. :) We are lucky to have A/C though. Most of the other houses in the mission don't have it. In the morning we went and taught Elizabeth again to finish up her preparation for baptism. Then we had 3 food appointments! All of them were right after each other. I tried my best to pack in the food but I was defeated. We ended up taking home a lot of food. It was a great way to spend Christmas.

Then Friday came. I was planning to call at 7:00 am, I put my SIM card in my cell phone and got ready, then tried calling. It kept saying the network was busy. I kept trying for an hour. At 8:30 we had to leave to go to Kampala. So while driving my comp was still trying. at around 10:30 we gave up. I was super annoyed and kinda mad at the phone a little bit:). I didn't know what to do. It was a blessing that the traffic going to Kampala was not bad at all. If the traffic was bad like usual it would have fueled my stress. I just decided to wait to get to Kampala to decide what to do. We reached the mission office around 11:30. I told Sister Wallace that my phone wasn't working; so without hesitating she just gave me her phone to use. I was kinda surprised and didn't know what to do. She let me call and that's when I finally was able to get through. Then Sister Wallace was kind enough to let me use her computer for the video talk thingy. That was cool. I had no idea what I was doing though. Technology has officially surpassed my comprehension! After talking we went to the mission home for MLC. It was a great meeting. i was inspired in many ways. It was a very spiritual meeting. Afterwards we went to eat at the Protea Hotel again. That place is way to nice and fancy but the food is amazing!!!!!

Saturday morning I got my toe operated on at Elder Chabras house. He is our mission Medical Advisor. He is from California but a native of India. He was saying that he is a retired Urologist and originally did General Surgery but after completing residency he decided tIt was done on his couch. I just layed there and he numbed the toe and did some surgery to remove the ingrown nail. Elder Mkutswana took a video of the operation and some nice pics. So right now I have big bandage covering my toe. I havent' been able to wear shoes since then, just my sandals. Yesterday after church I had to sit at home with my foot elevated; that was really boring. I hated sitting at home all day. It was my first sick day since I came on mission!!!!
That was the week.

Now it is almost 2015. I am done with a full calender year as a missionary. Now the countdown begins to May :)

Thanks mom and Andy for the packages!!!! I shared as much as a could with the other Elders in the house. They really appreciated it and said thank you. The football is super nice as well. We are going to enjoy! :)

Say hello to Dillon Hillis for me before he leaves next week. Thats awesome he is going on mission :)

The pics are of Christmas morning and then the family of Fred. Elizabeth is one of the daughters and was baptized on Sunday.

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Happy New Year!!! No Mwaka Omwiaka Gube Gwa Mirembe!!!!!!!!!!!! (Lusoga).

Elder LeCheminant senior

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