Monday, December 22, 2014

Ndini Fisela Ukisimusi Omuhle

So if you are confused about the subject line, it means we wish you a Merry Christmas in Zulu.

This week was a great one.
Tuesday. Elder Mayeya, our DL in Iganga had an injury in his leg from a soccer game we played two weeks ago. Tuesday the pain was so much that he couldnt' sleep. So Sister Squire recommended that we take him to a hospital to get it checked out. So after studies I got to drive him to Mpumudde to a little medical center. It was actually a nice place with good doctors. They recommended doing an ultrasound. So after the typical wait forever thing in hospitals we finally got in to the ultrasound room. It was my first time ever seeing an ultrasound in real life. The radiologist went up and down his leg to see if there was any muscle damage. He kept trying to explain all the different layers of muscle and tendons and stuff on the screen of the ultrasound. All I say was grey with random lines on it, so I'm not sure what he was looking at. :) Haha, it reminded me of the sonar/fish finder on the boat!!! Anyways, the diagnosis was just a muscle laceration that just needed time to heal. So that was a fun experience.

During the week we started having FHE (Family Home Evening) with different families. on Thursday night we had FHE with the Branch President and his family. It was fun! We are planning to do it with a different family in the Branch every other night to be able to show them how to do FHE and build a relationship of trust. Also so they can start doing FHE regularly in their families, then invite friends to join them, then give those friends to us to teach!!! Haha its a new finding way to get referrals that we came up with. Also during the day we were teaching the family of Joy, a mama that just joined us, said a powerful quote. She said "Knowledge Is Better Than Money." Just think about that :)

Saturday was also our Branch Christmas Party. It was kinda unorganized so really stressful at first. They announced it would start at 10 am. No one showed up until around 12 then it didn't officially start until 2 pm. So from 12 to 2 there was nothing planned for the people sitting there waiting, so we took on the responsibility of entertaining them. For two hours we were running trying to come up with games or things to keep the people busy. It was sooo exhausting!!! At around 2 things started getting organized finally! There was a nice little program that was put together by the Branch choir. Of course I was the pianist for the choir and then the other three Elders were the men voices in the choir because no other men from the Branch were willing to come. The program was nice. We would sing a Christmas hymn, then in between the next song someone would say something from the "He Is The Gift". They would talk about either Discovering, Embracing, or Sharing the Gift. Another cool part is that we sang a few of the Christmas hymns in Luganda! It was cool. Singing in other languages is fun. And the whole time I was at the keyboard; somehow I managed to play all the songs pretty well. The party ended with food. It turned out to be a good party even if the beginning was not the greatest.

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Sunday church was good as well. We have been trying for about 2 months to get an English class started during Sunday school. The church has a beautiful literacy course designed to teach you English through the gospel. So Sunday the class was finally started. We have a lot of people coming to church that don't know English so its hard for them at church. They were happy with the class so that was good! After church we had 3 baptisms. It was 3 of the kids of Joy, the momma that we baptized a couple months ago. The baptism was awesome!!

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Today we had a Christmas party in Jinja. It was combined with Mbale, Iganga, and Jinja Zones and it was organized by Elder and Sister Squire. The party was awesome!!!! We spent the day playing games and having a talent show. Each district presented some sort of talent. For us in Iganga district, we sang Angels We Have Heard On High, but in Luganda! It was pretty cool and everyone enjoyed the different language. It didn't finish until after 4:00 then we had to transport people and then come back to Iganga. That is why I am sending this email so late. I am super tired right now.

Mom - the Squires brought my packages from Kampala so I got them today. I felt kinda bad because most of the other missionaries didn't get any packages. But its ok! I don't hoard everything to myself like other people. So in Iganga we will have a nice Christmas.
I cant believe Emily is going home next week!!! What is happening?

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!!! Enjoy celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Remember what Christmas is all about and try not to focus on the industry side of it. Those things really don't matter at all. i LOVE YOU ALL.

Elder LeCheminant

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