Monday, December 8, 2014

New Transfer, Same Place

Today was the beginning of another transfer. The AP's called us in the morning to give us the news. Elder Mkutswana and I will be staying here in Iganga again. This will be my 5th transfer here and my 3rd with Mkutswana. I guess Heavenly Father wants me here. I was used to not staying in areas for long periods of time.

The week was a super busy week. We almost didn't have time to work in our area but somehow managed to see most of the people. On Wednesday we had our Zone Meeting to report about the things we talked about at MLC. It was a really good meeting and everyone learned a lot. After the meeting Elder Mkutswana and I went to visit with Elder and Sister Squire in Jinja for a few minutes. It was nice to be in their house! It felt like home being there. Elder Squire is the person in charge of all of the vehicles in the mission. I wanted to know how far I have driven since I came here in July. So we looked at the mileage records. So far I have driven about 1500 kilometers in the last 5 months. I know that probably means nothing to any of you but it can be one of your fun facts or be a part of your "gee whiz" collection. Haha

After that we went and did exchanges in Mpumudde. It was a great day. I worked with Elder Oliphant and Halladay. We then stayed the night there. In the morning before we left to come back to Iganga, Elder Halladay cut my hair. He has a whole hair cutting set that I am hopefully inheriting from him. He goes home this week!

The rest of the week is kinda a blur. It happened so fast that I don't really know anything important to say about those days, but Sunday was awesome! Church was a great experience as usual. During fast/testimony meeting they had each of the full time missionaries bear their testimonies in case they would be transferred; so the four of us got to bear our testimonies. It was a good experience for me. I haven't done it for a long time in Sacrament Meeting because I usually leave the time for the members to share their testimonies. But it was a good experience and I felt the spirit as I was standing there speaking to the Branch. It helped to give a bit more strength to my testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. We again had a ton of investigators;  we had 15 investigators at church and the four that were baptized last week were confirmed. Another great achievement is that attendance reached 100!! When I got here back in June/July the average attendance was high 70's. Yesterday we broke 100 and we are expecting it to grow even more in the coming weeks. Another thing I enjoyed is that we started singing the Christmas hymns at church. It was an enjoyable experience for me to even play those hymns on the keyboard. I love the Christmas hymns!!!!

That reminds me, I am desperately in need of good Christmas music. If you have any I would love it if you could send it to me. I think a good way is through the email. Just upload the songs on the email and I will download them here. I want them asap. thanks :)

Today for Pday we had an activity with the Branch. We had a soccer match between the Iganga Branch and the missionaries. We had the whole Zone come to make a full team. We went to a school near the church that has a nice football pitch(soccer field). We played a full game of 90 minutes and the final score was 7-7. I thought it was good to end in a draw because then no one can give fire to the other team for them losing or winning. So it turned out good. I have a nice sunburn coming. In the morning I will feel it!

As it draws nearer to Christmas don't forget to 'SHARE THE GIFT.' This is a perfect time of year to share about Jesus Christ with EVERYONE you come in contact with. He truly did come to the earth. God loved us soo much that he gave his son to be sacrificed and to suffer for the rest of us. If Heavenly Father loved us enough to share his son with us, then we should have no problem sharing Him with everyone else. HE IS THE GIFT, DISCOVER THE GIFT, EMBRACE THE GIFT, SHARE THE GIFT.

Elder LeCheminant - UKM, "The Mission of Missions"

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